We offer a range of succahs from the standard twin leaf to the multi-opening. All sizes can be catered for as all our products are manufactured in house allowing for the ability to be flexible with sizes and designs. Variations can be included in the design to allow for the sun and noise reduction and the option of sleep succahs with full blackout.

All units are manufactured from high yield quality materials including zintec and aluminium. All foam and seals are from the best specification available to meet rigid standards. All the pulleys clips and brakes have been sourced from the sailing fraternity because of there durability. The plastic used is supplied by one of the leading manufacturers and comes complete with a comprehensive 10 year guarantee.

We offer various designs of succah are available to meet the requirements of the customer, for example:

  • single succah with or with out gutter
  • double succah with or with out gutter
  • mini succahs for individual needs
  • sleep succahs available
  • bespoke designs to offer a full range to the customers requirements.

We also offer the following:

  • a full range of roof lights with or without kerbs
  • pyramids with safety glass
  • smoke vents to suit fire regulations in schools and offices


Polycarbonate rooflights supplied by leading UK company. All rooflights meet BBA classification and tested by the BRE for non fragility. All material used is top quality with uv protection.

single skin 5.4 wm2/k; twin skin 2.6wm2/k; triple skin 2.2 wm2/k

Acoustics 35 db on twin skin
Service temp -50 to 120 deg c
Fire rating BS 476 pt 3 aa rated BS 476 pt 7 class1

Kerbs manufactured from galvanized steel or aluminium, GRP and PVCU also available

Structural Poly

U-value on 25mm =1.7 wm2/k
Light transmisson = clear 82% opal 50% bronze 50%
Acoustics = 21db

Simple but effective rope and pulley system allowing ease of use with the aid of twin rolled pulley to reduce effort.

Vee clamp allows for single hand operation ropes adjustable for any height of floor to ceiling variation gas struts self lubricating.

Smoke vents come complete with control panels on a 24 volt system with battery back up and meet a clear area of 1m/sq or 1.5 m/sq depending on size of area to clear.

Shelters and walkways made to measure on request.

Options and Extras

The following options and extras are also available:

  • Glazing options clear/bronze/opal/solid white or new smart poly ( option )
  • noise reduction / anti glare ( extra )
  • operating system choice of location ( option )
  • electric operated with sensor system ( extra )